T.Radar Pro
Redefine Portable
T.Radar Pro is a revolutionary folding wing radar that can be folded into a check-in luggage for transportation. Packed with industry-leading all-digital GaN phased array technologies, the 14 kg body achieves over 4 km drone detection range. Rapid deployment and convenient hardware/software user experience redefine radar portability.
The folding wing design reduces the size of the radar, demonstrating the art of coexistence between lightness and powerfulness.​
Advanced semiconductor technology packs powerful capabilities into cabin size for easy transportation.
Form follows function
Curved Handgrip
Not only does T.Radar Pro show its powerful function, but the curved handgrip provides an even better user experience.
Foldable Wings
The folding wing design reduces the size of the radar significantly. The radar has a drone detection range of 4km with a weight of only 14kg and can be carried directly onto the aircraft after stowage.
Wing-like LED
The wing-like cooling fins and navigation lights provide a clear view of the radar's status.
Elegant Design
Elegant shapes and matte textures blend perfectly into urban architecture.
Design for extreme environments
Fixed wall-mounted mode is available. Vigilant monitoring of all movements within the area.
Support mobile tripod mode. Deploy anywhere, detect anytime.
Water & Dust Resistant
Can achieve IP64 level of water and dust resistance in any hazardous environment.
T.Radar Pro